Wine and business go together. More and more business people around the world have a growing fascination with wine, and that makes an informed wine tasting or dinner a perfect corporate event – it is this sort of event at which Peter     Lunzer and his team at Lunzer Wine Events excels.


Wine expert and raconteur Peter Lunzer brings over 35 years of diverse experience. Peter has lived, breathed and drunk great wines since leaving education (or possibly before then!). Peter has spent the majority of his working life in the wine trade, originally supplying fine wines to the UK Hotel and Restaurant trade and more recently he specialised in buying fine wines for investors and has been instrumental in founding numerous wine funds.

For the last 20 years Peter has used his passion for wine to focus on corporate entertainment and he and his team have built up a broad international network of clients who utilise his presentational skills in hosting wine themed tastings and dinners.

Peter has hosted events all around the world from London to New York via Hong Kong, from Bermuda to Moscow via Istanbul, and dozens of other places besides. The list of clients is drawn from a blue chip who’s who of international enterprise and organisations – Credit Suisse, PWC, Goldman Sachs, Financial Times, Royal Society of Medicine, Standard Chartered and Schroders to name but a few.