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Brexit raises the bar on Spring Dinners

Hong Kong, 9 January 2017 –We are all seeking ways to make our Spring Dinner shine out and stay in the hearts of the guests we invite long beyond the night itself. Lunzer Wine Events has the perfect answer. Enhance your Spring Dinner with a unique selection of fine wines that perfectly compliment the delicious food that you are serving and entertain your guests with details about those wines at the same time. The recent Brexit vote in the UK has allowed Asia wine buyers a significant discount on the prices of Fine Wines bought from UK wine merchants and event companies such as Lunzer Wine Events. Impress your Spring Dinner guests with a knowledgeable and lively presentation from a leading global wine raconteur about each wine; its history, vintage, reasons why it marries well with the food and a host of amusing anecdotes that will leave them with good memories and a little more wine knowledge.

More and more company directors are turning to Fine Wine to enhance the experience of their Spring Dinners. We at Lunzer Wine Events work closely with our clients to select a range of the finest and most prestigious wines that will marry perfectly with your menu choices, appeal to the tastes of your important guests, all within the budget you have. We ensure that everyone finds something that they enjoy and will leave your dinner with a better knowledge of fine wines and a unique memory.

Peter Lunzer of Lunzer Wine Events has a great deal of experience in transforming dinners into feasts. Using some wonderful ‘Wine Themes’, which Peter presents in an effortlessly elegant way, guests are entertained and gently educated into some of the wonders of the wine world.

“From a detailed brief about your dinner we will tailor the experience to ensure that every guest gets to taste and understand the wines that work best with the food they are eating and will learn more about each wine in an entertaining and memorable way.” Says Peter Lunzer, CEO, Lunzer Wine Events “our experience in delivering fine wine events around the world ensures that no one leaves disappointed.”

What a Difference a Year Makes is one of the most popular themes. Peter sources two consecutive vintages of a beautiful wine to show how the weather of each harvest contributes to the outcome. Budgets vary hugely but there is as much fun in drinking Chateau Petrus 1997 and 1998 at the extravagant end of the scale, as drinking Chateau Leoville Barton 1999 and 2000 at a more modest price. Regardless of budget the aim is to discover clear contrasts between harvests to make the encounter easy for guests, regardless of their wine expertise.

To bring a unique yet personal touch to your Spring Dinner this year, please email or call him on London +44 20 7060 6820 or HK + 852 5808 5703.

Claret In The City – 30th November 2016

“Claret in the City”

Bordeaux Cru Bourgeois – exceptional wines and great value.

Peter Lunzer of Lunzer Wine Events will introduce a range of Bordeaux Cru Bourgeois demonstrating the incredible depth of skills in Bordeaux wine making without having to break the bank!

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Get Real Press Release

Lets get real with Wine

London, 21st September 2016 – Peter Lunzer of Lunzer Wine Events announces a global initiative to get the ridiculous bunkum out of the wine tasting industry. Following extensive research over 20+ years Peter believes that wine consumers deserve honest, down to earth descriptions of the wine they are drinking and not the often pompous, sometimes outrageous ones we get now.

“Its been said before but I am going to say it again, the wine industry is still far too full of snobbery and clap trap. For some reason us wine buffs feel the need to surround our knowledge in superlatives and ridiculous descriptions that make our wine drinkers feel inadequate and out of their depth.”

Peter has researched this over some time and here are a few examples that illustrate his point.

In one wine programme a consumer was asked by the wine expert what he could smell and received a frosty look when he responded “grapes” !!.

One US based wine journal used 8 adjectives to describe one wine whilst a rival journal only used 4 and not one of these were the same.

Some of the most ridiculous taste descriptions Peter has seen in his years delivering wine events include:-

  • toasted bracken – really!! Do you know anyone who has ever toasted bracken and then tasted it!
  • wet river stones – have you ever put wet river stones in your mouth – it might be a bit dangerous to try!
  • bulls blood – my question here is whether the bulls blood is cooked or not?!
  • friendly – have you ever had a bottle of wine introduce itself to you?

Peter thinks that the time has come for de-bunking the myths and finding a common ground from which consumers can derive genuine value from a critics remarks rather than being left pondering when if ever they had sniffed and logged the smell of Bergamot or the flowers of a Seville Orange tree.

Peter accepts that the organic nature of wine frequently creates analogies between the liquid and other organic matter however, saying that a wine bouquet is reminiscent of a `Long Island Potato field after an August rain` is almost certainly stretching things a bit far.

There are many more examples and Peter is forever seeing completely contradictory reviews from different wine experts about the same wine. So how are us mere consumers supposed to decide when the descriptions from the so-called wine experts are often ridiculous and contradictory. Lunzer Wine Events has always taken a more honest and user friendly approach to wines and is advocating that the rest of the industry follows suit with the “Get real” campaign. Peters approach is to provide background information about wines and their methods of production so that every guest has the freedom and encouragement to trust their own judgement and most importantly, decide what they like.

If you want to find out more about the Lunzer Wine Events “Get real” campaign then get in touch with Peter who has files full of ridiculous examples of wine descriptions to share alongside his own very honest and down to earth approach to helping mere mortals like us just enjoy the wine we drink without feeling like idiots.