The story of wine is almost infinite and people want to know more. Our success is built on a wide variety of adaptable wine themes to make learning a pleasure. The world of wine is ever-changing and at Lunzer Wine Events we take a dynamic approach and are never afraid of innovation.

Peter believes that palates differ as much as people’s preferences for art and music and he encourages an experimental approach to finding pleasure from wine, varying the food with which it is served. In practical terms, the ability to match wines to carefully constructed menus, transforming a simple meal to a sumptuous ‘feast’, makes for a great experience.


The scope of our events is endless. Events have spanned from hundreds of people to just six. In one event, 350 enjoyed the Marriage of Food & Wine, where each of four wines is made to taste first ‘challenging’ and then heavenly by serving specific Canapés. At the other end of the scale, an ultra-luxurious dinner for just six people was served with an eye watering budget for fine and rare wines.

In terms of tastings there are a myriad of ways in which to serve clients with a range of wines. Our expertise will allow you to choose the best format for each occasion.

Frequently we have created a closing item for a formal seminar or conference, where after presentations on financial instruments or wealth management topics, the concept of wine as an asset class is introduced. The presentation is short and light hearted and is followed by a tasting of wines to illustrate why some are destined for an inflationary future whilst others are not.

New World versus Old World

Out with pompous wine descriptions

There are many collaborations between traditional and modern wine makers, spanning all regions of the world where grapes are grown.

Despite this there are climatic differences in vineyard regions which make wines unique to that region and long may that last. The question is which style do you prefer?

By placing two glasses at a time in front of guests the choice is simple for each person to vote for the one they like most.

The Difference a Year Makes

Wines for everyone to enjoy

Presenting pairs of wines is useful for people to judge simultaneously what they prefer. However, it becomes even more fascinating when it is the same wine, from the same producer, but grown one year apart. It is all about making perfect grapes to turn into perfect wine, but if your growing season is marred by low temperatures and cloud, then producing perfection is a real challenge. We carefully select consecutive years where the difference is blindingly obvious to demonstrate why making wine can be an anxious process.

A Taste for Investment

Some parts of the wine growing world are challenged by fluctuating weather patterns and a good example of this is Bordeaux.

When Bordeaux wines are produced in perfect conditions they can develop power and complexity which will allow them to improve in bottle over many decades.

This popular theme demonstrates why some wines are destined for an inflationary future whilst others will be consigned to history in a short space of time.

Marriage of Food and Wine

We all know that wines are made to be enjoyed but they are also produced with the intention of accompanying the regional cuisine where they are grown.

This is why when producing Chardonnay in the New World, the maker can create a strong and sometimes oaky flavour because it matches Pacific Rim cuisine with coriander, lemon grass and chilli which may overpower the nuances of a rich white Burgundy.

We specialise in showing how a wine can be made to jump through hoops with different foods before serving some food which is idyllically complimentary.

International Events

Over the years we have gained considerable experience working overseas and have reliable logistics partners who can ensure that the right wines end up in the right place for our events. In some countries the import laws surrounding wines are complicated but we will always be able to advise. We have hosted events in: Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, Monaco, Frankfurt, Munich, Moscow, Toronto, Istanbul, Oslo, Milan, Athens, Stockholm, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Chamonix, Zermatt and all over the United Kingdom…

Luxurious Wine Trips

There is nothing more memorable than visiting a famous wine region and vineyard with your clients. Through our contacts within the wine industry we can open doors which are usually firmly closed to the public. We have organised trips for clients to: Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, the Loire Valley, Porto…

Berkeley“Just a short note to thank you for organising a magnificent event at the Mandarin Oriental, our clients really appreciated the unpretentious descriptions for each wine together with your anecdotes and stories that made for a really fun evening. You have a unique talent in being able to create exactly the right atmosphere for the HNWI’s present and that, together with the amazing wine, made for a much easier atmosphere in which we could do business. Please let me know when you are next in Hong Kong and Singapore as I would love to repeat the process.”

– Paul Bennett
International Business Development Director, Berkeley Group, Hong Kong & Singapore