Virtual Corporate
Wine Tasting

Keep in touch with your clients & colleagues

An online wine tasting is the perfect way to entertain your clients and treat your colleagues, bringing a touch of luxury to your corporate events. At a time when many organisations are switching their meetings, conferences and exhibitions to a virtual platform, we are pleased to be able to provide you with a bespoke online wine tasting experience which will leave your guests delighted.

Over the past 20 years, Peter Lunzer has spoken at corporate events across the world for companies such as Credit Suisse, PWC, Goldman Sachs, the Financial Times, the Royal Society of Medicine, Standard Chartered and Schroders.

  • Client networking
  • Product launches
  • Kick-offs for the new quarter
  • Thanking clients and associates for their continued support
  • Celebrations of success stories
  • Alternatives to corporate hospitality and sports fixtures

A corporate wine tasting can be held as a standalone event or as part of a larger online meeting. Peter’s engaging presentation style is the perfect ending to formal corporate proceedings allowing guests to relax and enjoy wines from across the world. Alternatively, the tasting can be held as an interlude during a more informal event.

How online wine tasting works

A selection of fine wines is delivered to you and your guests’ homes and offices in advance of the event together with your chosen selection of complementary food to pair with the wines. We have teamed up with exclusive food producers to bring you the perfect accompaniments for your tasting.

Download a copy of our corporate online wine tasting brochure, Experience Wine Online.

Plan your online wine tasting

  • Contact us to discuss your event and select a variety of wines suitable for the occasion.
  • We are able to tailor the wine tasting to the number of guests, date and time of day.
  • We have teamed up with a number of food suppliers who supply delicious fare to pair with the wine.
  • You will be emailed further information about the wines, how to keep them and what to prepare for the event.
  • We handle the delivery of the wine and food, if chosen, directly to your guests.
  • Before the event we will send you and your guests an email with the link to the Zoom website where Peter will greet you online. (Click here for instructions on how to use Zoom)
Corporate wine tasting events
Corporate wine tasting events

On the day

  • Lay out your wines on the tasting sheet included in your email.
  • Prepare your complementary food to accompany the wines.
  • Have a notebook and pen to hand.
  • Set out your wine glasses and have water ready.
  • Log into Zoom on your desktop, laptop or internet-enabled TV.
  • Relax and enjoy an entertaining talk from Peter Lunzer.

Download our Guide to
’10 Wines to Enjoy this Autumn’